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K engage in plastic shoot come out a generation industry tusk, early days by two machines start with, enlarge move factory in 1989, machine increase for 6, soil increase for 300 level ground, workshop for 180 level ground, machines then increase for 16 in 2000, buy 1200 level ground zhi factory field and 300 many level ground workshop in 2006 12 month at ten thousand big industrial district, buy 450 level ground soil and build 300 level ground zhi workshop in 2007 3 month at ten thousand big industrial district, 5 month also buy 1200 level ground side buy 900 level ground soil at ten thousand big industrial district, add up 2100 level ground, at present own jointly Taipei five whiff of implode a factory, Kaohsiung's implode's two factory, shoot (of products) leave the factory, ,three manufacture base.

company's business dispart OEM, ODM and OBM three kind of, as ODM and OBM give first place to, occupy 80% above, OBM aluminum door and window's hardware, hide style gauze covered window (water's yarn curtain) ,make airiness door, anger accuse device ODM zhi business centralize and hide style gauze covered window at aluminium window's hardware, compare big zhi consumer for Chinese's wire's cable's company, China strength tyrant company, plus new aluminum corporation, brocade hong aluminum corporation, great harmony's aluminum corporation, a yuan a aluminum corporation, believe a yuan aluminum corporation wait for for company, now already sale to continent and Thailand's Vietnam's Indonesia, thereafter will march Japan and Europe and America's wait for field.

Since start own business all the way come, there is a lot of consumers, personnel, stockholder for accompany, everything still weigh smoothness, too cumulate not a few energies, will grasp hold" good faith, innovation, service, management "de run concept, do good tactic layout, expect at in 2010 Be able to reach turnover 750,000,000 Net10% de aim, and furthur become [door window de expert] .